Our Expertise.

From the year of establishment (2010 June), we have been working very hardly to create a new range of verticals. We strongly believe 'Resources with good technical validation' can create a good justice for product development. Let's see what we can...

Virtual Reality

Next era of identification. Projecting virtually, identifying is being done through cloud.

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Game Development

We develop games which are being smart, and emerging into the concept of virtual reality.


Arduino is an open source domain where it is playing significant role in Internet of Things domain.

We have solid experience in using Arduino from last 4 years.

Banjo Player
3D Printer

3D Modelling, and 3D Printing are most usage in many IoT Startups. As we can't invest huge for production

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Internet of Things

IoT is our big asset in our areas of expertise. We develop products of our incubatee's to enable the startup into the market.

Raspberry Pi

We have solid experience on Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi's were mainly used as Central Hubs in many IoT devices


We develop low-cost, low-power wearables for our incubatees.

Embossed Paper

Our strong expertise in Robotics involves Developing robots for Campus R&D, Product Research.

Our Awesome Services.

'When we keep moving forward with commitment and passion, many people will be with us' these are the words which our CEO says in each review meeting of ours. The same words which reflects as it is in our clientele relationships.

Cloud Statstics.

We have developed customized and cool IoT Products which collects the data from sensors installed at various places. The same data is visualized, and projected for clear analysis as it is the clear impact of IoT on many scenarios.

Embedded Development.

For every IoT product, hardware plays an important role and we have solid experience in developing embedded hardware and customized embedded PCB's. We convert any prototype into a solid electronic PCB, which can be installed easily.

Boot Camps.

Boot Camps are being organized at various engineering colleges which enables the 'Startup in Campus'. From learning to hacking a prototype, everything is being monitored and mentored properly.


Hackathons are the esteemed events being organized in every Boot Camp and also they plays a vital role in prototyping the product. Hackathon is a place which converts one's dream/idea into reality.

Web APIs.

Web APIs are the heart of designing IoT product, and every product in one way or the other way should be communicated over cloud. Using our simple, customized Web APIs one can send/receive data easily and secured.


Incubation is the process of establishing one's dream into a simple, securable and affordable startup. We research, we incubate, we mentor, we explore, we dream your product pitch to get into the real competitive world.

Who Are We.

We were established in the year 2010 and We, the leading IoT Consulting in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and we research/incubate your product pitches as we respect your dreams. We organize Boot Camps at various engineering colleges and which enables the Startup in Campus.

Our Process.

Boot Camps were being organized at various engineering colleges on Internet of Things domain in two different versions. After each version, we organize an Ideation and Hackathon at each campus. For 5 Boot Camps, we will organize a Central Hackathon and there after pitches will be pitched before Investors. And, then we will Incubate 5 finest Startups from all 5 Boot Camps.

Our Approach.

Selecting the college according to the year of establishment, where we believe resources with long run and passionate faculty/passionate students can be able to convert their dreams into reality if pushed by the Boot Camps. Mentoring and Monitoring each camp is an emerging asset of ours.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to incubate 20 Startup's by the year 2020 through Boot Camps. Incubation is the process where we mentor, we research, we experience, we explore, we dream your thoughts and convert it into a productive startup.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to become a biggest incubator which incubates startup from the campus itself. We always believe 'Present Students are Future Entrepreneurs'.

Our Rockstar Team.

We at ORL will always believe, the success driven for us is always because of the fruitful team we maintain. And everyone in the team are with Passion and Commitment which keeps us exciting. The interesting point here is everyone started their career from ORL.

Madhu P


Mr. MAD is extremely mad about people who always works with passion and commitment. He is energetic towards the work, and inspires the team ORL to reach much more heights.

B Archana Rao

Manager - TR

Ms. HANDLER, rough pitch towards the team and smooth pitch towards the clients. She knows when to be smart, when not to be. Intelligent and sharp enough to drive the team in a more successful way.

V Surya Kumar

Team Leader - R & D

Mr. DEPENDABLE of ORL, he always has the solution for every bug that ORL team does. Smart, and Tough and always has the passion to learn something new.

Mahan Ravi Kumar

Manager - CR

Mr. KOOL of ORL, his passion towards getting connected makes everyone excited. He seems to look friendly with clients, but he knows how to recreate them. :)

K Pranay

Application Engineer

Mr. ROCKSTAR of ORL, he can do any task given as simple as he plays music. Intelligent, and Smart enough to drive the team.

G Prashanth

Application Engineer

Mr. BRISK of ORL, his hard working caliber puts him in success track. Brilliant and Smart enough to play a strong team player in ORL team.

Vamshi Reddy

Embedded Software

Mr. RIOT of ORL, he always wants to do a task very simply but. More simple the task is, more complicated it will be portrayed but SMART.

Syed Muthahar


Mr. DEVOUT of ORL, very sincere and fully passionate about what he do and committed towards what he talk. Looks very innocent but not.. :P

M Raja Ramesh


Mr.ANGELIC of ORL, very punctual about what he does. Sincere and plays a good role in a team where the other team members feels comfortable when working with him.

Ch Naveen


Mr. JOLT of ORL, Good team member and plays a vital role in getting the components for the desired circuit. Without him, the team ORL can't make/hack any product.

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